Sylvia Sanchez tours viewers in Agusan del Sur public market

Sylvia Sanchez’s 2nd vlog is up on her Youtube channel.

In her Youtube vlog, Sylvia Sanchez guides us through her travels in Agusan del Sur, Mindanao. This week, she brings us to Nasipit’s Tabuan, a public market open on Sundays.

Viewers are continuously increasing ever since Sylvia’s vlog started last week. Main topic in the comment section is her ethereal beauty which captivated more and more fans. Even though many years had passed to her as an actress, still her beauty outshines others. Speaking of which, this was part of the vlog where her BFFs shared stories and experiences during their teenage years. They recalled Sylvia as an eye-candy among all the ladies that time. The first vlog gained praises from her supporters and friends.

With a good start, Sylvia continued telling stories about her life and “tour guiding” us to the busiest yet culturally rich place at Tabuan – the Nasipit Public Market. She featured tons of delicacies that invite your taste buds to feast! From the deep fried cassava with sweet latik  called “Salbaro” down to the flavorful side dish called “Ginamos”, a Visayan version of bagoong. Making the vlog not just all about the place but also about how food shapes the culture of Nasipit – simple yet remarkable.

Fast forward to the part where Sylvia shared her, probably, most embarrassing moment on stage – singing out of key. She was so hungry that time and all she wanted was to fill her noisy stomach. The committee promised each participants, win or lose, snacks after they perform. And so she entered the singing contest. Not minding the crowd and even her relatives were part of it, Sylvia sang at the top of her lungs. Telling this story now brings her so much joy, all she remembered is the satisfying feeling of having free food.

The second vlog captures more comments and views. Comments even demands more uploads and longer vids. This truly testify that there’s so much love pouring to this humble and candid woman. She’s probably one of the idols you can look up to due to being true and not setting aside her nature and where she came from.

And that is why Sylvia is a real beaut.

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