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Sylvia Sanchez in Manila, Jossette Campo-Atayde in Nasipit

Behind her glamorous life in front of the flashes and clicks of the camera is a simple and very ‘probinsyana’ Sylvia Sanchez in her hometown. To show netizens her true self, Ms. Sylvia launched her very first vlog on her Youtube channel entitled, “Tungog?” Unlike her usual scripted tapings and well-studied characters, this time Sylvia Sanchez spontaneously introduced the viewers where she grew up and all her “kalokahan” in the past.

Lutong Bahay

On the first part of the vlog, Ms. Sylvia made us drool to all the delicacies that one surely misses when they’re kilometers away from home. One of the highlights is the lechon her family prepared for their “mala-fiesta” mealtime. Another one featured in the vlog is the freshly extracted “Tuba”, coconut wine. Together with her friends, they enjoyed drinking the sweet taste of this Filipino alcoholic drink.

“Jo” and the company

When Ms. Sylvia went back to Nasipit Central Elementary School, she reminisced her early years and her crazy memories with her BFF’s. Her friends call her “Jo” from her first name “Jossette”. The group exchanged stories which were full of laughs and displayed how colorful what she and her friend went through in the olden days.

The “Byang” known by people

After the upload, fans and supporters are pouring praises to Sylvia aka “Byang”. They are already anticipating the next episodes. Also, they are continuously sharing the first vlog hoping that others will appreciate how truly beautiful Byang is. This kind of care only manifests that no scripts and layers of make-up can beat a genuine person.

You may watch the first episode on Ms. Sylvia’s official Youtube channel and subscribe and click the bell button for updates!

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