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Brina: The Love for Music Is Ever Resilient

A multi-dimensional singer, Brina Marasigan, always returns to her first love, Music. This 22-year-old Filipina-Canadian revolved her life around music at a young age singing in weddings and went in to college taking courses in music production. Still, she finds herself wanting to be on stage, performing, instead of being behind the scene. She pushes herself to hammer on in achieving her dream to become a world renown singer.

Despite her perseverance, Brina needed to hit the breaks when her parents separated. It’s a blow in life she never expected. Because of this, she had to turn away from music.

Her mother, knowing her real love lies in singing and performing, took her on a trip to a recording studio, Studio Z, where she met one of her mentors, Paulo Zarate. She made a demo under Paulo and he was so impressed, he asked her to record for a commercial jingle. 

This trip made her heart once more warm up to music and pursue her dream to be an internationally renowned singer. But Paulo wasn’t the only one impressed by the versatility of her voice, which continued to grow day by day. 

Jay Durias, of the band South Border, who is very selective on covers of the band’s hits, thought she was deserving to do so. To him, she was the only who could do the covers

Although writing songs is not her forte, Brina dipped her hands at it, and despite her reluctance, her mentor Paulo urged her on. This resulted into her single and entry to Himig Handong and Philpop, “Till We’re Both Alright”, where she co-wrote with her guitarist, and son of the late Andrei Dionisio Sr, Andrei Dionision Jr., and it came at a respectable ranking. Although not placing at the top list, she continues to push through her dream: to resemble her idol, Bruno Mars.

Now she still continues to sing, working on an album with line-up of songs that showcase the versatility of her voice. It includes six singles, five was written by Brina and one is a cover of “Kahit Kailan”.

And there is nothing that could stop the ever resilient Brina in making her mark in the music industry.

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  1. I am so proud and ecstatic about her progress. Sometimes God do things in a way we don’t really underdstand. It’s sad that family breaks apart and the strength that was once there was torn apart and becomes a heartache to the people involved. I feel that way because it hurts. Maybe it was God’s plan for it to happen for some reason. For me, I became to know God and He revealed Himself to me when I opened my heart and had a personal relationship with Him. I just pray that one day, we can be united again so the strength of the family unit that was once there will be back again with an everlasting love. Wishing you both health and happiness. I love yoi both.

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