What is Electro-smog?

The accumulation of excessive density of radiation from different electromagnetic influence in a single area. To put it simply, the technology that surrounds us, especially everyday electronics like computers and cell phones, can create magnetic influence enough to harm us, that can result in radiation effects. Objects such as wi-fi routers and the like create enough electromagnetic influence just by themselves.

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But how harmful is electro-smog to our bodies? Human beings have an electromagnetic field with power that is about a hundred million millivolts. If our bodies are exposed to environments, such as the artificial environment filled with electronics, with higher charge power than our body, it can result in physical irritation.

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This results in side effects such as a disruption in the hormones controlling our immune system. Electro-smog can also harm sleeping patterns and can cause both mind and body stress.


Half of our everyday ongoings are with electronics, and we cannot sacrifice most of our task simply to protect ourselves from electro-smog. There are technologies that can help reduce electromagnetic fields and in turn, help prevent heavy forms of effects on the body.

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Technologies such as BioZen is made to create protection from the harmful electro-smug that smartphones and wifi routers emit. This sticker disrupts the harmful wave gradients without affecting signal quality of your device. Simply apply one sticker to each of your devices to lower your body’s stress level from electro-smog exposure.



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