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Understanding the Pillars of Aging

The Muscle, the bones, the fat and finally the skin, these are pillars of aging you need to look into in order to understand the aging process of your body. Although genes play a big role in how our bodies look and function, it is safe to say that we can fight signs of aging merely by taking care of ourselves now, rather than later.

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Signs of aging are often emphasized when we disregard the signs early on. Definite signs appear once the bodies reach the age of twenty-one and it will gradually start to show, emphasized by the dulling of the skin.

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The bones lose its mass as we grow older and migrate making a drastic change in our faces. The fat rearranges itself from the cheeks down to the jaws, creating that saggy effect on the face. The muscles lose its tightness and the skin becomes dull.

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But what can we do to fight the pillars of aging? Facelifts and Botox is a good but expensive choice and is not as accessible to every female who wish to fight aging.

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A good regimen from the beginning would be sunscreen, creams, facial massage and serums like Blaire’s Supreme Crystal White Serum. A product that acts as both makeup base and anti-aging serum, that both helps in whitening and fighting the signs of aging.



The skin needs more tender care when it comes to fighting signs of aging. Knowing how and what to do in order to take care of the skin can definitely go a long way.

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