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Tips on Skin Whitening That Actually Works

There are so many skin whitening tips on the internet that promises an effective whitening result, but many don’t always prove to be true. So, here are some skin whitening tips that are proven and tested that will give you the lighter skin you’ve always wanted.


Lemon and Milk are good ingredients that will surely give you that whiter skin. One part lemon and one part water can be dabbed on your skin with a cotton and soak it for 15 minutes before washing it off. You can also do with a cup of whole milk and a squeeze of lemon and rub it all over your skin and let it soak for 20 minutes before rinsing. It’s both moisturizing and whitening.

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Exfoliation is your friend when it comes to skin whitening. Dead skin cells add to the unwanted dull and dark look. Use body and facial scrubs every other day to exfoliate the skin, remove the dead skin cells and make your skin looking fresh and brighter.

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Use soaps that are both moisturizing and whitening and has less harmful chemicals. You can use soaps like Dr. Alvin’s Kojic Soap that can certainly help you in whitening your skin and even fight signs of aging.



Knowing what skin whitening tips that are actually effective can save you time and save you from disappointment. Always remember these skin whitening tips and you will surely have that fair skin.

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