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The Golden Rules You Shouldn’t Forget When It Comes To Skin

Taking care of the skin isn’t as easy as 1-2-3. But, it isn’t too complicated like algebra either. Just know and follow these golden rules and you are good to go!


Protect the skin from the sun with sunblock cream. Don’t run out of the house without protecting your skin from the ever harmful sun. Apply sunscreen that has the SPF meant for your skin type.

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Don’t stay in the bath for too long and use gentle soaps because it will certainly dehydrate your skin and make it rough. If you want to soak in the bathtub, don’t do it every day and don’t stay in for too long.

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Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize the skin with a good lotion. We recommend Blanc body lotion that both moisturizes and whitens your skin, giving you an even and youthful glow.

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Always have the Sleeping Beauty snooze because the skin can indicate a stressful long night. A good amount of sleep gives a healthy glow.

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Be healthy by eating healthy because it keeps the skin safe from the toxic elements we intake, may it be from pollution or from things we eat.

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