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Reasons Why People Want To Smell Good

When we think of smells the first two words that pop in our heads are perfume and food. Then comes the bad ones like rotten garbage or body deposits. But there is a lingering question amidst all these smells: why do people need to smell good?

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Science says it helps us in both mental and emotional understanding. Smell tells us if the food is edible or not, it tells us of our health and hygiene, and it also heightens our emotions. Perfume developers designs fragrances to invoke emotions and thoughts when a scent is being smelled.

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People need to smell good because it gives inner confidence. Insecurity is not just about the looks, but also on how you smell. People tend to shy away from people when odors are more heightened and unpleasant.


Both men and women use scents to attract and impress the people around them. May it be someone they like or someone in the workplace they wish to impress. Smell gives off a natural personality of a person and can send a message of who they are. Hence the term signature scent.

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The scent is very important to our every day lives. Just like what Dr. Hirsch, a Neurologist, and Psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of smell, said: “If you smell good, it’s a reflection of your inner soul and overall self. If you smell bad or unpleasant, it sheds a negative light on you as a person.”


Scent can define a person just like how clothing does. So find a scent that can help define your self like Scentlab’s male and female scent line.

SCENTLAB is created to inspire you and your signature look. It offers ten types of scents, each for men and women.

Female Scents: #1: Burberry, #2: Omnia Amethyste, #3: Happy for Women, #4: Green Tea, #5: Touch of Pink, #6: I love love, #7: Incanto Shine, #8: Bright Crystal, #9: Yellow Diamond, #10: Pleasure.

Male Scents: #11: Acqua di Gio, #12: Agva Pour Homme, #13: Eternity for Men, #14: Happy for Men, #15: Cool Water for Men, #16: D&G Light Blue for Men, #17: Ferrari Black, #18: Style in Play, #19: Eclat D’ Arpege pour Horr, #20: Polo Sport.


You can buy SCENTLAB at www.rebenta.ph or simply send a message to the REBENTA Facebook page.

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