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Let Your Lips Do The Talking

Pucker that beautiful lips with these tips that could help your skin be more beautiful, defined, and sexy.

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The lips are a sensitive area of the face and are very temperamental. If you don’t care for the lips well, it could start to dry out, become flaky and have cracks. These signs also show up if you don’t take care of your body, as lips can be an indicator of bad body health as well.


Always keep it moisturized by drinking lots of water and using organic lip balms. Don’t forget to exfoliate the lips as well by using a mix of avocado oil or olive oil or sweet almond oil with sugar and mix it with a tablespoon of honey.

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You can also soften the lips by using Vaseline or petroleum jelly and a toothbrush. Apply the Vaseline/petroleum jelly on the lips and gently brush it using the toothbrush. This method helps remove dead skin cells and make the lips smooth and soft before applying the lipstick.


When applying lipsticks, make sure that you know the shade fit for your skin tone and make sure that you use a lipstick that can moisturize your skin. Matte lipsticks can be drying, but Blair Cosmetic’s Matte Lippie lipstick line is moisturizing and highly pigmented.

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These lipsticks are made to emphasize your lips, make it look plump, and well-shaped, not to mention it also helps moisturize, despite being a matte lipstick.


Make sure to use a lip liner and concealer to both emphasize the lips shape and color.


Blair Cosmetic’s Matte Lippie is available at Rebenta! Simply visit their Facebook page.

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