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Drinks You Can Make With Matcha

Do you know that green powder everyone seems to love? May it be on cake or beverage? Well, it’s called Matcha, and it is one of the best detoxifying drink you could stumble on next to wheatgrass. If you have a craving for these bad boys but is too lazy to get your ass to the nearest cafe, you can do these ideas at home. In fact, you can even save up by buying your own stock of matcha instead of going to cafes or restaurants for a matcha fix.

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Image from Cooking with Janica

Just remember that 1 tbsp of matcha is enough for 6-8 ounces of water.


Matcha Lemonade. It wouldn’t be a fantastic ingredient if you can’t drink it cold. Make your usual recipe for lemonade and add the matcha powder before you pour in the ice.

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Matcha Iced Tea. The ever classic way of drinking tea cold. Simply mix in matcha and water and add in some ice!. For a twist put some mint leaves and lime.

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Matcha Latte. If you’ve had the classic coffee with steamed milk beverage, then you’re going to love matcha latte. Mix in matcha with hot water then add hot milk. If you want an iced version, simply mix matcha with lukewarm water, add in cold milk, stir then top it with ice.

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Matcha SmoothieIf you haven’t tried this version, then you’re missing out big time. Simply make the usual vanilla smoothie recipe and add in some matcha powder. If you want more depth of flavor, add in fruits like banana, mango, avocado, or use coconut milk or almond milk.

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If you’re afraid to make it from scratch and waste an ounce of matcha powder, then just buy Mizuya Milk Tea, made from natural matcha powder and milk. You can have it hot or cold, smoothie or latte. It also helps in detoxifying the body, helps in weight loss and prevents signs of aging.


Mizuya Milk Tea is available at Rebenta. Simply visit their Facebook page to learn more!


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