DLSU Student Labeled As Gold Digger by Netizens

In a trending news on Facebook, Chinese Businessman Ice Lim seeks help from TV news personality and host of “Raffy Tulfo In Action show”, Raffy Tulfo, because he spent millions on his girlfriend and wants to get everything back.

Chinese Businessman
Ice Lim (Image from Philnews)

According to Lim, he showered gifts on his girlfriend, Monica Arianne Rivera, a student-athlete from DLSU-Taft. He gave her expensive cars like Suzuki and expensive pieces of jewelry and watches like Rolex and Louis Vuitton. He even paid to fix her parents house and her tuition to graduate from DLSU.


Ice courted Arianne for a year, and when they were finally official, it only lasted for a mere five months. Arianne was never loving, according to Lim, when he talked about it on the Raffy Tulfo in Action. She even set rules between the two of them, and one of them is that their relationship must remain a secret.

Monica Arianne Rivera. (Image from Philnews)

Arianne broke it off, for she was “depressed” from their relationship and still remained firm that she will not give back the “gifts” Ice had given her. It is said that, after the show aired Ice Lim’s story and plight, the show “Wanted sa Radyo” was able to make contact with Arianne and will explain her side of the story.


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