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Your Lipstick Could Last Longer

Lipsticks are like a combination of fashion and personality, with the right shade you can practically scream who you are. But lipsticks don’t always stay on your lips no matter how we wish they would. If we drink coffee, we could see lipstick marks on the edge. If we eat, we can practically feel it wearing off.

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But how can you make your lipstick stay put longer than it could? By simply following this simple instruction:

Keep in mind that moisturized lips can be the greatest thing. It helps that your lips are not flaky and doesn’t peel, letting your lipstick stay longer. A good lip liner can also be of help, as to not make your lipstick bleed. The last tip is to take a piece of paper towel, or tissue, and lay it on top of your lips and with a brush, dab loose powder on your lips. This helps sets the lipstick and the color will definitely stick well to your mouth.

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Or, if you don’t want, you can just use Natura Organica’s Lipwear Professional. It is weather-proof, moisturizing, all natural and anti-aging. It is made of all organic and vegan ingredients, perfect for all women.

Natura Organica’s Lipwear Professional comes in different shades:  Amaryllis, Gerbera, Coxcomb, Tulip, Quince, and Heather.


A good lipstick lasts as long as you need it to be. Lipwear Professional is a perfect product that is long lasting and can stay on your lips, as long as you need it.


Natura Organic’s Lipwear Professional is available at REBENTA! Simply visit their Facebook page for more details.

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