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Trumps Walk of Fame Star Was Shattered

A man with a pickax decided to shatter US President Donald Trump’s star in the every famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. A man was seen to have pulled out a pickax from a guitar case and started to demolish the star of the US president.

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Image from ABC News

It isn’t known why the man had decided to vandalize the star in the walk of fame, but it isn’t the first time that someone had defaced and made a laughing stock out of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Back in October 2016, a man attempted to shatter the star with a pickax and a sledgehammer. He was arrested and had to pay a damage fine of $4,000 and serve 20 days of community service and 20 years probation according to the New York Times.

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Image from Hollywoodreporter

The artist named Plastic Jesus also made fun of the US president’s star by enclosing it in a fence with a mock razor wire, that same year.

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Image from the New York Times

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