‘Jacqueline Comes Home’ Rape Scene Forces Thelma Chiong To Walk Out, Netizens React

On Tuesday, July 17, Metrocebu News Online posted on Facebook the now-viral video of Thelma Chiong crying outside the cinema in SM City Cebu during the rape scene of the controversial film ‘Jacqueline Comes Home’ which is based on the infamous murder case of her daughters.

The video captures the mother of the late Chiong sisters helplessly crying on her knees as people started surrounding her. The security guards soon rushed to see the commotion.

Screenshot / Facebook

In contrast to the film depicting the hardships of the Chiong family during the aftermath of the murder, the 2011 documentary called ‘Give Up Tomorrow’ tells Paco Larrañaga’s story, who was wrongfully accused as the prime suspect of the incident.

The video, which now has over 1.6 million views, caused an outrage among netizens who praised Chiong for her “acting skills” and even ridiculed her for allowing to have a movie about the incident in the first place.

“Award winning actress”, a user wrote.

“In the first place dapat di mo na pinayagan i-air kung masakit pala sa inyo. Gusto niyo lang gumawa ng scene, nagpunta pa talaga sa premiere night. Sino bang magulang ang gustong ulit ulitin ang nangyari kung talagang may nangyari nga”, said another.

“Actually po mali ung caption, naiyak po sya kasi 5 lang po silang nanuod ng movie, tapos yung dalawa tulog pa…”

Screenshot / Facebook

While others expressed their anger towards her, others sympathized with her, and even stated that the justice system of the Philippines is really to be blamed.

“Kung maka comment parang alam lahat. Grabe. As I am reading these comments, I am just shocked of how insensitive we are as Filipinos. Try niyo mawalan nang dalawang anak at panoorin sa sinehan kung pano sila namatay.”

“Let’s not start ridiculing a mother whose grief, we may never understand. God forbid you are placed in that situation of losing two daughters in a blink of an eye. So stop. At the end of the day, choosing to blame the victim is not healthy regardless if you see that the other party was wrongfully accused. What you do not see is clearly a failure in a poor justice system that Philippines has up until now. Ridicule your government, your lawmakers, your justice system. But do not, all of a sudden, pinpoint a blame to a victim because, nobody wants to be in that position.”

Since the airing of the film’s trailer, people immediately opposed to it because of the possibly of it being biased.The hashtag #BoycottJacquelineComesHome was started, and people created another hashtag #WatchGiveUpTomorrowInstead to assure the public of the real victims regarding the Chiong murder case back in 1997.

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