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Selena Gomez Is Your New Definition Of ‘Creepy’

It seems as though ‘Fetish’ was just the start for the singer to unleash her spooky persona.

Remember Selena Gomez’s ‘Fetish’ music video where she was casually sticking soap in her mouth and gripping her tongue with an eyelash curler? If you thought that was freaky and just downright odd, her new project with pal, Petra Collins, called ‘A Love Story’ will surely send chills down your spine!

Image from Seventeen

On Wednesday, June 20, Collins, who directed Gomez’s music videos for ‘Bad Liar’ and ‘Fetish’, took to Instagram and released a couple of shorts on its new video platform, IGTV. The snippets featured Selena bathing with a mask, sucking on an eyeball, chewing on a human finger, devouring icing scraped off from her leg with a knife and just recently, spitting teeth and wearing contacts which made her look like a pre-developed zombie!

Screenshot from Petra Collins’ Instagram

During an interview with Vanity Fair, Petra stated that she and Selena shared the same interest in making a horror film. “I love The Exorcist and the things that come from inside you. The things that are a little more subtle, and things that you deal with from inwards, and I feel like it’s something Selena and I both love talking about… that topic is sort of dear to us.”

Screenshot from Petra Collins’ Instagram

Although the project is something definitely worth the wait, fans were quick to express their opinions regarding the singer’s new style. Fans wrote, “Stop it, you’re ruining Selena G”, “Stop messing her up lmao” and another simply said “horrible”.

Screenshot from Petra Collins’ Instagram

But some fans defended both artists and expressed how the project was ‘exciting’ and ‘dope’. One even suggested that Petra should create the visuals for the pop star’s album! “Please do the visuals for her album artwork”, “Blessing my eyes with every post”, “This is art”, “We want moreee”, “This is so cool so excited”.

The film is set to debut at an unidentified time on IGTV. So until then, be prepared for more oddly satisfying content from the pair!

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