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Madami Ang Namangha Sa Bagong Airport ng Pinas!

“This airport will make us happy to come home.” Says Budji Layug of the Budji+Royal Architecture. “Something like this signals that the Philippines is stepping up on its modernity. It will show the world that we are in business. Everybody will have pride that the country is moving forward.

Image from Inquirer

The Budji+Royal Architecture is the firm that is spearheading the design of the upcoming Clark International Airport Terminal 2. “The modern Philippines will finally manifest itself to the world,” architect Royal Pineda added.

The Clark redevelopment is a project of the Bases Conversion Development Authority, with Greg Garcia as chair. The concept is inspired by the silhouette mountains of Sierra Madre, that blends in well with the surrounding view of the airport.

Long-span metal and a glue-laminated (timber) structure will be used for the roofline. With the color that warmly blends with the natural surroundings.

“Apart from the architecture, we want to celebrate the culture of Filipinos—,” explains Layug. “We greet and send off our loved ones. So the planning takes into account the comfort of well-wishers and greeters.”

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